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Section 504 Final Rule Key Takeaways

The Final Rule of Section 504 is out. Learn about what these new provisions are for people with disabilities.

The Center for Racial and Disability Justice


Reducing Barriers: A Guide to Obtaining Reasonable Accommodations for People with Disabilities on Supervision

The ACLU recently released a guide that discusses barriers people with disabilities on supervision may experience. Additionally, this guide includes steps that attorneys can take to secure accommodations for their clients. 

American Civil Liberties Union


Disability Justice: An Audit Tool

Check out this important tool for organizations to assess how they are doing at practicing and implementing disability justice. 

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarsasinha and Stacey Park Milbern


Plain Language Policy Dashboard

Check out New Disabled South's Plain Language Policy Dashboard. This incredible tool translates complex legislation from Southern states into plain language.  

New Disabled South


State Specific Policies and Data

Visit the LEAD Center's State Specific Policies and Data dashboard to learn about each state's policies, initiatives, and services. This resource includes links to labor, health, vocational rehabilitation (VR) and other agencies per state. 

LEAD Center


Black Disabled Women Syllabus

This syllabus includes a curated list of books, essays, articles, speeches, music, and other forms of work by Black disabled women.  

Ramp Your Voice


Feminist Accessibility Protocol

The Feminist Accessibility Protocol includes thirteen commitments to ensure women, girls, transgender, intersex, and nonbinary folks with disabilities are included in gender equality spaces.  

Inclusive Generation Equality Collective

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